A blog about Theology and Stuff

I am a writer who has contributed to different projects in the world of theology over the past three years. I have studied a bit of theology. The reason I must write is because theology set me free. Theology helped me see things as they are.

Studying God and how man has dealt with this issue since human history began can go a lot of different ways. Most of it scared me. I often pretended not to be scared, but then people use words like ‘majesty’ and ‘magnificence’ and I got the picture of a God who was up in the sky dancing with the stars (not the show), who was also equally concerned with how nice I was to my neighbor. Then they would talk about a murdered carpenter who said absurd things about who God was and what he was up to. There was a massive disconnect. My small brain couldn’t really connect the dots.

Some pastors preach the above sermon (God is big, you should behave, believe in Jesus). Some people prefer to isolate one issue and then yell it from the rooftops. Some guys just harp on about how giant God is. Some guys say Jesus loves those who hang out with homeless people. And some guys just try to get me to recite a prayer that may or may not have any meaning.

The point is, none of it matters if I’m still scared of God. Talking about how big God is does not particularly comfort me.

And this “gospel” – the one about a murdered carpenter – that doesn’t even seem like the same big guy up there dancing with the stars (not the show).

And if these two things are reconcilable, there must be more than acting like a pious hippie to pull them together.

This blog is my attempt to reconcile how big and powerful God is (which scares me because I am comparatively quite small and powerless) with how close and meek Christ is (which turns all of that initial fear into joy and hope). Further, the pious hippie stuff comes only after these first issues are seriously put to rest. If my fear and insecurity is still haunting me, I need that off my back before I can really do anything nice for someone else.

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