How to Do Good Works

Faith simply does good works naturally and spontaneously. It is not naive to insist on that — if  one has any inkling at all of what the explosion of justification is!

Faith doesn’t ask about good works, but does them without all the theological fuss and bother. Good works are works done in faith, the faith which has simply gotten over looking at itself and its “progress” and begun to look at the neighbor. Good works should be quite as natural and spontaneous as a parent running to pick up and comfort a child who has fallen and gotten hurt. One doesn’t stop to think about it. (“Let me see now, should I do this or shouldn’t I? Is it necessary?”) One doesn’t even worry whether it is a good work or not–one just does it. And after it is over, one forgets about it completely. That is what good works are like. They are probably those works we have forgotten all about.

-Gerhard Forde, Justification by Faith: a Matter of Death and Lifebike fall

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