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God Comma is SimulBlog’s brand new series where Jake prays about whatever. It isn’t meant to be presciptive or even very insightful. It’s more stream of consciousness. You have to be kinda artsy to figure it out. So. Like there are metaphors and stuff. But this is a real prayer.

God Comma


I hope people don’t think it’s pretentious that I’m publicly sharing a prayer to you. I hope they know that I’m not as spiritually together as a published prayer makes me seem.

I pray for all the suffering God. When in the world will it end? How do I know which stuff to pray for? Do I have to pray for every bad thing that I see on the news? I recently saw some horrific stuff. Am I less spiritual if I don’t watch television at all, because then I won’t know who to pray for that night?

I was watching this documentary on Nixon recently. That guy’s administration was a total joke. Honestly, my very first thought after watching that – despite years of hearing some bemoan the supposed stress of serving as president – was “I could be the president. Easy.” But God, I really don’t want to be the president. To be clear: I am not praying for that. Ugh. Politics, am I right? But what is the deal with politics though, God?

In an age where politics have been used to beat people over the head, am I allowed to even bring it up? Is it okay, God, if I don’t really believe in the system? It doesn’t seem like a democracy to me, you know? They tell me that it is, but I just don’t know. It seems like the laws don’t really fit what most people want, which is sort of the opposite definition of what a democracy is, right? I mean, I think most people want the big corporations to at least pay as many taxes as we have to pay, right? I think most people want politicians to be more like public servants and less like shmoozy career douchebags who say one thing in a campaign and do whatever they are told (by their party or donor’s or whatever) when elected. Like, I think people hate that. Republicans and democrats or whatever, I think we all generally don’t like the idea of shady people being in control.

There are a lot of people who have problem with the system, though, right God? You have heard their prayers, too.

I don’t think most black people like being pulled over like 100 times more than white people. I am more and more convinced, every day that I’m alive and awake to what’s going on, that black people and other minorities have it pretty effing terrible, God. (sorry for cursing, but you know what I mean, most black friends I know just have to deal with shit that I cannot even imagine. I CANNOT IMAGINE, God, honestly – I’m a little ashamed to say – I cannot even imagine being discriminated based on the color of my skin. Even when I’ve gone to Europe in the past, every time that I was there I couldn’t find discrimination against a white male American. Which brings me to my second point – how damn hard must it be to be a woman?! Great, now people think I’m being political and liberal. When in the world did it get to a point where empathizing with the struggles of a woman is considered a challenge to family values? Shouldn’t family values be MOST concerned about empathizing with a woman’s struggles – considering 50% of the people in most families happen to be women. Ugh. This is what I mean, God, why must I spell this stuff out. I’m exasperated.)

God, I know that you are good. I have felt that goodness. I know that you like to set people free – I have been well-acquainted with that freedom.

I want people to jump ship on the way they think about things, God. Not all things. And I don’t want to come off as a bully. It isn’t fun to beat people over the head with stuff. But God, just two things that I really want you to do: 1) teach people the good news of your steadfast love in the gospel, and 2) just maybe – I’m asking humbly and you totally don’t have to do this if you don’t want to- could you get people to open their minds and sympathize with those who might be oppressed? Anybody who is in shackles of any kind – it doesn’t necessarily have to be a woman or minority (though, statistically, we can agree their is a higher rate of oppression among women and minorities, right? I mean, that’s obvious to most of us, right God? Sheesh, am I being too political again?).

Anyway, you are good. You saved me from a really depressing life of trying to earn something that you already secured for me in Jesus. Thanks for my friends and my big brain and my family and your grace. Not really in that order, but you get the drift.

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  1. When are you going to continue writing………..nothing since April. I miss you guys!!!!!! Can’t get enough writing on Grace…….there are billions of “Christian” sites with nothing but law. Come on guys…………..

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