Simul Blog began in 2012 as a small online blog home for the theological ramblings of three friends: Jacob Goff, Dan Romp, and Rich Cook. Our mission statement then and now is the same: we strive to share relevant, fresh posts with emotional and spiritual resonance.

Simul Blog is developing a publishing wing, where we can package and send our thoughts (on paper) to your homes, churches, and even your friends.


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  1. Really great site… Blessing on all the things you guys are trying to do..

  2. I am a 13 times grandmother, late in life to the “meadow” of God’s amazing and unhuman grace. I will love following you gentlemen!

  3. Thank you guys for your honesty and love for the radical grace of Jesus. I somehow stumbled on your blog and it has been a great encouragement to me today.

  4. Hey Jacob, is that a cigarette you are smoking in your twitter feed? If so, I wanted to send you samples of the first GREEN cigarette made in the U.S. by me a nobody Christian… it was designed to help people who want to quit tobacco – quit, but is the greener option for those who still want to smoke – let me know.


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